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Tangy Tomato Soup 3.50
Chennai Special Rasam 2.99
Lentil Soup( Sambar) 2.99
Manchow Soup 3.50
Sweet Corn Soup 3.50


Paneer Manchurian(Deep fried crispy paneer cubes coated with spicy tangy sauce)(D) 6.99
Veg Manchurian(Batter fried mix vegetable balls tossed with oriental style sauce) 6.99
Mushroom Manchurian (Batter fried mushroom tossed with oriental style sauce) 6.99
Baby Corn Manchurian(fried batter coated baby corn stir-fried in a spicy, sweet & umami indo Chinese sauce). 6.50
Chilly Mushroom(Fried mushroom tossed with onions, green chillies, green chilly paste & scallions) 6.99
Tandoori Paneer Tikka (5pcs)(Pieces of Indian cottage cheese marinated in traditional spices overnight It is then grilled in a tandoori oven) 7.49
Veg Ball in  hot garlic Sauce 7.25


Chilli Paneer 5.99
Paneer 65 5.50
Spicy Masala Mogo 5.99
Gobi Manchurian 5.99
Gobi 65 5.50
Chilli Idly 5.75
Chilli Cheese Pakoda 3.99
Snack Platter Combo 6.99
Mix-bajia Platter 5.99
Madras Crispy Masala Potato Slice 3.99
Aloo tikki with Chana Masala 4.25
Masala Vada 3.25


Veg Nuggets (with Ketchup)a mix of potato, chickpeas, onion, carrot, cauliflower, broccoli and corn coated in rice flakes 3.99
Sweet Potato fries 2.99
Bowl of Chips (French Fries) 2.5


Chocolate Dosa 4.99
Cheese and Sweetcorn  Dosa 5.25
Cone Shaped Ghee Dosa 4.50
Pizza Uthappam (4pcs) Good for two kids 6.25
Mini Idly 3.75
Mild Veg Noodles 6.50

Lassi and Milkshakes

Lassi(Sweet/Salt/Mango) 2.99
Passion Juice 2.99
Butter Milk 2.99
Rose Milk 2.99
Milk Shakes(Chocolate/Vanilla/Strawberry) 3.50
Spl Milkshakes(Oreo/Ferrero Rocher) 3.99

Lassi and Milkshakes

Lassi(Sweet/Salt/Mango) 2.99
Passion Juice 2.99
Butter Milk 2.99
Rose Milk 2.99
Milk Shakes(Chocolate/Vanilla/Strawberry) 3.50
Spl Milkshakes(Oreo/Ferrero Rocher) 3.99


Gajar Halwa 2.99
Gulab Jamun 2.75
Rasmalai 1.99
Badam Halwa 3.25
Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice-cream 3.99
Sweet Pan 1.00


Orange 3.50
Apple 3.50
Pomegranate 3.50
Carrot 3.50
Pineapple 3.50
Beetroot+Ginger+Lime 3.50


Madras Thali 7.99
Bombay Thali 7.99
Veg Biryani 4.99
Sambar rice with Pappad 4.50
Curd Rice 4.25
Quick Lunch Combo 5.50


Coke/Diet coke/7up/Fanta/Thumbs up/Limca/Nimbu 1.75
Thumbs up(Large)/Limca (Large) 2.50
£1.99 Snacks time deal (Mon to Fri  from 3pm to 6.30pm)  
Onion Bhaji 2pcs with tea or coffee 1.99
Chilly Bhaji 2pcs with  tea or coffee 1.99
Potato Bhaji 2pcs with tea or coffee 1.99
Mysore bonda 2pcs with tea or coffee 1.99
Methi gota 2pcs with tea or coffee 1.99
Dhal bhaji/Masala vada 3pcs tea or coffee 1.99
Bread Bhaji 2pcs with tea or coffee 1.99
Samosa (Veg) 2pcs with tea or coffee 1.99

EveryDay Special

Aappam Kuruma 5.99
Idiappam Kuruma 5.99
Adai Aviyal 6.99
Paniyaram(5pcs) 5.99
Chilli Paroto 6.5
Rava Idly 4.99
Pesarattu Dosa 5.99




























Idly (2 Pcs) 3.25
Mini Idly (14 pcs) 3.75
Idly Dipped in Sambar(Sambar Idly 2pcs) 3.50
Vada Dipped in Sambar(Sambar Vada 2pcs) 3.50
Vada Dipped in Rasam(Rasam Vada 2pcs) 3.50
Parota Kurma(2pcs) 4.99
Chapathi kurma 2pcs 4.50
Choley Bhatura(2pcs) 4.99
Poori Kurma(2pcs) 4.25
Poori Masala(2pcs) 3.99
Medhu Vada 3.25
Ghee Podi Idly(Freshly Steamed idly tossed with spiced mix powder (called “gun powder”) and pure ghee then served hot) 4.99


Plain Dosa 3.99
Masala Dosa 4.99
Plain Rava Dosa 5.50
Rava Masala Dosa 5.99
Onion Rava Dosa 5.99
Onion Rava Masala Dosa 6.50
Cheese Dosa 4.99
Paper Roast 6.49
Ghee Paper Roast 6.99
Dry Fruit Rava Dosa 6.99
Ghee Podi Dosa 5.50
Ghee Podi Masala Dosa 5.99


Chettinad Dosa 5.99
Cheese Masala Dosa 5.99
Mysore Masala Dosa 5.99
Paneer Masala Dosa 6.25


Paneer Manchurian Dosa(stuffed with cottage cheese cubes tossed with oriental style sauce & cut into rectangle pieces, sprinkled with coriander  (D) 7.99
Veg Manchurian Dosa (Stuffed with Batter fried mix vegetable balls tossed with oriental style sauce& cut into rectangle pieces, sprinkled with coriander) 7.49
Gobi Manchurian Dosa(Stuffed with batter fried cauliflower florets tossed with oriental sauce and cut into rectangle shape pieces) 7.99
Mushroom Manchurian Dosa(stuffed with Batter fried mushroom tossed with oriental style sauce and cut into rectangle shape ,sprinkled with coriander ) 7.49
Schwan Noodle Dosa(Finely spread Schwan sauce on the dosa) 7.99
Palak Dosa(Green palak finely spread on the dosa) 6.99
Family Dosa (6feet dosa serving up to 4 people, crispy rice & urad dhal battered crepe served with sambar, chutney and potato masala) 17.99


Plain uttappam 4.75
Kal dosa with Chana/Kuruma 5.50
Onion chilli uthappam 5.50
Mix veg Uthappam 5.99
Pizza uthappam 6.49
Panchavarna uthappam  (5 Mini’s)                                  (Mini Onion-chilli Uthappam                             Mini-Mix veg uthappam                                        Mini Pizza Uthappam                                             Mini Ghee Podi Uthappam                                     Mini Niligiri Uthappam) 7.99



Chapati 1.00
Poori 1.00
Parota 1.50
Bhatura 1.50
Aloo Parota 1.50

 Tandoori Breads

Naan 1.75
Butter Naan 2.25
Chilli Garlic Naan 2.75
Bullet Naan 1.99
Roti 1.75
Butter Roti 2.25


Veg Noodles 6.50
Hakka Noodles 6.50
Schwan Noodles 6.50
Veg Fried Rice 5.99
Schwan Fried Rice 6.50


Paneer Tikka Masala              (Marinated Cubes of Cottage Cheese Tandoori Cooked and Soaked in Spiced Gravy) (D) 7.25
Paneer Butter  Masala                   (Cubes of Cottage Cheese cooked in  Rich  Cream and Aromatic Gravy) (D) 6.95
Palak Paneer                                 (Cubes of Cottage Cheese Cooked in Pure Spicy Spinach Curry) (D) 6.95
Veg Kolapuri                        (Maharashtrian Mix Vegetable Spiced on Tomato Based Curry) 6.5
Kashmiri Dum Aloo  (Mild Spiced Whole Potato Curry with Healthy Yogurt and Tomato Base) 5.99
Mix Veg Kurma (Assorted  Veg Curry with Cashew,Tomato and Coconut Base) (N) 5.99
Chana Masala (Chick Peas Cooked in Onion Tomato base and Tempered with Spices) 4.50
Dal Tadka (Boiled lentil  Tempered with Indian Spices) 4.50
Koya Kaaju (Rich Flavoured Curry with fried Cashewnut,with Sweetened Cream Base) ( N) 7.99
Malai Koftha(Potato and Paneer balls Cooked in a rich and Creamy smooth Curry Mild Spices) 7.25
Navaratna Kurma (Nine Gem Curry with Combo of Fruit,Vegetables and nuts Cooked in a rich and creamy flavourful curry) (N) 8.99
Paneer Burji (Scrambled  Indian Cottage Cheese with Onion,Tomato and Spices) (D) 7.99


Shirley Temple(Traditional Ginger Ale and a splash of grenade garnished with Cherry) 5.50
Cinderella Recipe( Freshly Squeezed Orange,Pineapple  and lemon juices with splash of ginger ale) 5.50
Cranberry coke (All the Goodness of Cranberry juice showered with Sparkling cola and Lemon teaser) 4.50
Screw driver(Fresh Orange juice with the chemistry of  ginger Ale and dash of tonic) 5.50
Virgin Marie(Freshly Squeezed Tomato Juice with a dash of spicy tobasco sauce ,powered by lemon juice,served in a glass rimmed with salt and pepper) 5.50
Ayyayooo [Please mention “Ayyayoo in tamil font as well](Mango chilli unique drink with  little hot sense in the throat) 5.50
Poda Rascaluuuu(Be guilt free because of the Sugar Free Lemonade in it, with Generous Gernadine and Honest Fresh Orange Juice with love) 5.50
Lungi Dancer Mojito[Please put Sharuk khan Picture](Thresome of mint leaves apple juice,lime juice ,elder flower punch and soda will make you instant lungi dancer) 5.50
French Kiss(A Party animals favourite! Crushed  ice and  non alcoholic curaco syrup with the goodness of lemon”) 5.50
Hawaiian Sea Breeze ( “Tropical Goodness of” Pineapple,Craneberry and lemon mixed up to  bring best flavours) 5.50


Malai Kulfi 2.99
Pistachio Kulfi 2.99
Matka Kulfi 3.99
Choice of Icecream(Vanila/Chocolate/Strawberry) 2.99















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